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Manasarovar, Mt. Kailas, cultural capital of India

Bonne 1787 map

Map of British India

Sensor : IRS1D LISS III (National Remote Sensing Agency, Govt. of India, India)

The image shows Rakas lake(on the left side) and Manasarovar lake (on the right side)The Sutlej river in the central Himalayas originates on the left of Rakas lake.The water in the lakes have high salt content and most of the time these lakes are in frozen state.The dark blue color of the lakes shows the presence of heavy concentrations of salts while blue indicates the fresh water.

The Story (Manasarovar the movie)

Manasarovar is a love story that ends before it begins.

Ravi Roy (National Award winner Atul Kulkarni) meets Malathy Chandran (Neha Dubey) in a city in India on a short visit. A few years later Ravi's brother, George (Zafar Karachiwala) happens to meet Malathy. She learns from him that Ravi had disappeared and her past comes back through the letters they wrote to each other.

Shot extensively in Maharashtra, Kerala and Himachal Pradesh, Manasarovar takes you across the rugged landscapes of the Deccan Plateau, greenery of Kerala and the serenity of Dharamsala.

Manasarovar: India / English / Feature / 90 Min / 35MM
Rating: India - 'U' (Universal), UK -12A (~ PG in USA)

The title 'Manasarovar' refers to the Lake Manasarovar in Tibet, a holy place with references in Hindu mythology and Buddhism. In the film 'Manasarovar' stands for a quest for clarity in ones life.

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