Friday, March 14, 2008

Stop China's massacre in Tibet

Stop China's Massacre in Tibet
Created by Pierre Fort France :: Lyons | Mar 14, 4:11 PM | Event Rating: 3

According to a report on the BBC, at least two Tibetan demonstrators were killed today by Chinese security forces. While I am not surprised by the brutality of the Chinese response, the fact that the government in Beijing can do so freely, with relative impunity, is absolutely galling. To remind everyone, Tibet is not a part of China. China has occupied Tibet since 1959, when the Communists invaded the country in order to seize control of it's vast natural resources. Over the course of the last 49 years, China has ruled Tibet with an iron thumb, depriving its citizens of basic civil rights, while settling ethnic Chinese in the country. Western nations should feel ashamed that they continue to legitimate China's occupation of Tibet by continuing to do business with it. We should freeze China's assets, and refuse to purchase products made in China in response to it's illegal and undemocratic colonial administration of Tibet. It's time to boycott Beijing, even if it hurts our economy to do so. China is another apartheid state like the former South African regime, or its client state of Myanmar today. It's time the West forced it to start playing by the rules, so that it behaved like a real democracy. If China wants to become a member of the family of nations, it has to start behaving like one. As the Dalai Lama has repeatedly said, nothing else will do.

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